Don’t forget to shop!

Only 13 more days of this sale left people. Once it’s over there will be no sales for the month of June. All orders $5 or more are 15% off. Items bought during the sale cannot be returned though. You can use your discount on custom orders. So….

Head on over to and get your shopping on!

Also, side note:

Heads up for the first TWO weeks in June the shop will be closed. I am expecting my first child 👶🏻 and want to focus completely on her!

Make sure you stock up on the necessities during the month of May and take advantage of the moving sale! Spread the word to your friends as well!


Ready for Ruby!

So much has happened in the month of May so far! We are almost all unpacked thank goodness but mostly I have learned that there’s so many things I can no longer do being 37 weeks pregnant. I can’t move furniture or take lots of trips up and down to the basement. I am just ready for this little lady to get here already!  Hopefully, Ruby comes soon so we can have some sort of order to our lives.

Also, as many of you have seen on our Facebook page, the etsy shop will be closed the first 2 weeks of June. That being said, there will also be no sale in the month of June. If you need something custom made, tell me now. My husband and I want to be able to solely focus on our little girl.

If you have any questions for me please don’t hesitate to contact me off of the webpage or shoot me an email at

Remember to follow us on Facebook to get the scoop and head over to my etsy page to take advantage of the 15% off coupon. If you see a piggy bank you like and want to add a child’s name. I can totally do that for you at no extra charge! They make great birthday presents as well as Preschool and Kindergarten graduation gifts!