Leaving the Bubble

Thanks for joining me on this crazy adventure!

I am not sure what I was thinking to start this crazy journey and leave my bubble. For the past five years, I have stuck to craft shows and my etsy page, but one day I woke up and said today I am going to leave my bubble and start a website. I don’t know the first thing about building a website but I am sure it is like building a great hair bow. First, you start with what you know….the basics. To build a great bow/website, you must start with the basics like tutorials or an online class. This doesn’t happen over night but takes lots of trial and error so please bear with me. Like any good hair bow you need a solid foundation, a strong ribbon or sturdy fabric and a clip or headband. I am learning the same is true of a website, you need an easy to use domain that allows you to be pliable and expressive. Something that will help your foundation grow stronger as you build it up.

I am sure none of this makes sense to you but remember, I am still learning about all of this. All I know is over the past five years I have learned how to make a killer hair bow and adorable hand painted piggy banks.

1 thought on “Leaving the Bubble”

  1. Good for you! Can I recommend Renae Christine and Cupcake Trainings to you? She is specifically a guru on sales of handmade arts and she us incredible. Most of her training stuff is free! Look for her on youtube- she is adorable and refreshingly unassuming. x

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